Challenge yourself!

Take your routine up a notch! Our 20-class challenges will keep you on track and motivated.

We have a library of challenges from beginner to advanced, 1st trimester to postnatal and everything in between for you to start any time and easily track your progress. Plus, we’re always adding new challenges to keep things fresh!

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Featured monthly challenges

Need a workout buddy to stay motivated? How about an entire support group?!

We choose a challenge from the library every month for our members to follow along and keep each other accountable!

“The challenges help keep me motivated and the flexibility to take time for myself to do a video “on-demand” works well for my family/work schedule.” -Janet Hedrich (member)

Like a Canadian winter - you need to be tough!

They’re called challenges for a reason! They’ll push you to improve your mental and physical strength. With commitment and dedication, you’ll see huge results!

Here is a little sample of a few challenges we have on tap right now:

The Beginner Challenge

This 20 class Beginner Challenge is designed to ease you into a new movement practice, introducing you to Pilates, barre and yoga classes. Feel you’re more intermediate or advanced? We have a challenge for those too!

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The Pilates Challenge

This 20-class challenge is all about Pilates! It will introduce you to a variety of different Pilates styles and dynamic movements, leading to progressive growth in strength, flexibility, mobility and control. We've got them for yoga and barre too!

Pilates Challenge

1st Trimester Challenge

This challenge is perfect for those looking for safe exercise in their first trimester of pregnancy. In these 20 classes we focus on introducing pelvic floor exercises while working out the whole body safely. And there are 2nd, 3rd Trimester and postnatal challenges waiting for you after this!

Not ready for a challenge but still wanting to add a little spice to your routine?

Like wine and cheese, our Class Collections pair well with your existing fitness routine. These classes are designed to build on each other and leave you wanting more!

BYOB (Build your own barre!) – the Build-a-Barre Collection:

  • Build-A-Barre: Booty
  • Build-A-Barre: Upper Body
  • Build-A-Barre: Floor Core
  • Build-A-Barre: Lower Body

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