Feel Good Everyday Mobility

Take 30 minutes for YOU. Joseph Pilates said “If your spine is old at 30, you are old. If it’s young at 90, you are young” So let’s stay young, flexible, and mobile together. This class is a great add-on to any class you take to cool down or a fantastic way to start every day. Having a rest day? This is a perfect way to move your body while breathing and relaxing. We are focusing on breath, concentrated, slow movements, and stretching. So roll out your mat and keep that body moving with Jen.

Corrective Pilates

This Corrective Pilates session is the perfect blend of full-body conditioning for the days you don’t feel like working out but know you should! Since Michelle got diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue (ME) through her own battles she devised shorter sessions with a blend of strength & stretch two ensure her body gets to move each day but without causing further fatigue or discomfort.

Suitable for beginners or individuals living with medical conditions

Hip Opener #3

This Hip Opener class will take you through a gentle yoga sequence designed to mobilize and release tension in your hips. The class begins standing and transitions down to the ground. After taking this class you can expect your hips to feel looser and more mobile. Improving hip mobility can help improve lower back and knee pain. This class is beginner and designed to be safe for all levels.

Advanced Mat Pilates Workout

This advanced Pilates Mat routine is challenging yet still accessible to any level student.  It will leave you feeling invigorated and in command of your body.  There is an emphasis on flowing from one exercise to another while keeping a calm and controlled pace.  This is a perfect routine for anyone who would like to challenge their flexibility and body control.  Have fun and make any adjustments you need to make this workout your own! 

Express Abs

Pair this class with Jen’s Express Your Legs or any other class at Pilates On Demand for a full-body, feel-good workout, OR do this quick 20-minute class in between meetings, while the kids are napping, or just to start your day. We are all busy living these beautiful lives of ours, take 15 minutes to strengthen your body and get moving with Jen. Our core is the core of our strength. Keep yours healthy and strong.

Glutes and Legs

This class will take you through a side body sequence targeting glutes, legs and core. Great option if you love the feedback from a donkey kick but not the pain in your joints! Starts off with a short warm up and turns up the heat gradually.

Plus Size Yoga

Plus Size Yoga, love the principles of Yoga but struggle to get into the positions? Michelle takes you through some breathing work, standing stances, stretches & relaxation incorporating the use of Yoga blocks, pillows or bolsters to ensure you can get into positions with more ease and enjoy the benefits.

Though it states Plus Size Yoga the session is also suitable for those new to Yoga or a history of back issues they may find traditional Yoga stances involving rotation and extension uncomfortable’

Glider Barre #2

Gliders add an element of instability to your workout routine, which in turns challenges your core muscles and adds variety to your exercises. This low-impact class is done with one glider (be creative – paper plates, socks and towels work great as a glider) and at the barre and will challenge your coordination, balance and muscular endurance as we flow through various exercise combinations. The goal is to keep moving the entire time. 

Full Body Flow

This full body flow is designed to get your blood flowing and help get out of your head and into your body. The class builds from a seated start to core exercises, lower body stability, moving balancing postures and ends with grounding tree pose and low squat. You’re sure to leave this short practice feeling like you’ve worked but also relaxed and calm.

The June 2022 Challenge

This month we are featuring our 20-class Pilates Challenge. All month, all Pilates! Become acquainted with different styles and instructors while challenging yourself in dynamic ways that will lead to progressive growth in strength, flexibility, mobility and control. Progress through at your own rate or aim to complete 4-5 classes/week to start to feel the difference in your body and how it moves.

Intermediate Mat Flow

 In this class, Diane takes you through an Intermediate Pilates workout.  You will flow through the exercises at a moderate pace being reminded of your positioning and breath.  Following a traditional Pilates routine with some added little variations you will certainly find some challenges.  This workout is a great addition to a weight workout or even post walk/hike.  No props are necessary. 

Plus Size Pilates

When carrying size one can easily think I will start the gym or any exercise program once I’ve lost weight. In this recording, Michelle demonstrates how to adjust & adapt popular Pilates moves to ensure support for joints and an improved range of movement as a plus-size so you get more juice from every move. Safe & effective exercise for all!

Ultimate Upper Body

This session is focused on your upper body. Expand your range of motion in your shoulder joints while increasing strength in your arms and chest. During this class, you’ll find yourself working the arms, chest and back while connecting to your breath. Grant yourself permission to explore movements that improve your posture while helping to reduce tension in your shoulders and neck. This session is meant to be fun and explorative, so don’t take yourself to seriously… one