How It Works

Step 1

Signing up is easy and getting started couldn't be easier!
All you need to do is enter some basic personal information, and answer a few questions about your fitness and lifestyle.
Questions like:
  • What you want to gain from these exercises
  • How many times per week you want to exercise
  • The length of workouts that you want to do
  • Your fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced or pre/post natal)
Don’t worry! You’ll be able to change all of this after signing up anytime and as often as you need!

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Step 2

Next, we'll do all the hard work for you!
We create Pilates SERIES that are right for you and your body so you don’t have to think about which video to start with or do next!
That’s it! You can now leave all the hard decision-making up to the experts!

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Step 3

All you have to do is show up!
You can start right away by following a Pilates series that’s right for YOU.
Classes will be numbered so they are easy to follow, and you are never guessing which workout you should be doing.
After signing up you will start your 10-day FREE trial. Once the 10 days are over, you will pay $20/month until you cancel or your membership is put on hold.

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