The Mat Series with Becky

This 4-part series with Becky Sheehey goes through Pilates for Posture, Pilates for Runner, Booty Blast and Intermediate Pilates classes that tone the entire body and help prevent injury.

In Becky’s first video, she goes over Pilates moves that are essential for proper posture and body alignment. This class is perfect if you work at a desk most of the day or have a lot of upper back and neck pain.

As a retired competitive runner, Becky’s Pilates for Runners targets those muscles that are sometimes undertrained and overused. Ensuring you strengthen supportive muscles will not only decrease your chance of injury but also improve your performance!

Pilates Booty Burn will tone your bum and leave you feeling like you got the most amazing booty workout.

And lastly, Intermediate Pilates will strengthen the whole body with a focus on building core stability and strength.

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