The Pelvic Floor Educational Series

This 5-part educational series will be lead by Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Leah Stacjer from Pulse Physiotherapy.

  1. The first video will include a 5 minute educational session where Leah explains what the pelvic floor is, some common dysfunctions you may experience if you have a tight or weak pelvic floor, and why it’s so important to address it in pregnancy and post-partum.
  2. The second video will help you learn how to identify if you have pelvic floor symptoms and how to best manage them
  3. The third video will help you find a pelvic floor physiotherapist in your area

The next videos will take you through pelvic floor stretches that will help you during pregnancy, labour and delivery.

The last video will take you through exercises to help you recover and strengthen your pelvic floor after the baby is born.

This series is perfect for you if you are new to Pelvic Floor Health and have any dysfunctions like incontinence, pain during sex, prolapse, etc. or just want to prevent any of these conditions from occurring.

*Please make sure to read the disclaimer before engaging in any exercise or activity discussed in these videos. They are meant for educational purposes only. They are not meant to diagnose or treat specific conditions. Please see a health-care practitioner to be accurately assessed and treated.


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