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Flirty Pineapple Logo

Rooted in exceptional quality, Flirty Pineapple provides hair care accessories that spark self-confidence and convenience, while bringing together a community of like-minded people. In addition to designing fresh unique, and vibrant hair accessories, we focused on creating a product that wood enhance every step of a busy woman's day and protect her precious locks while at it!

Mira Logo

Mira is a personalized, at-home, lab-quality hormone tracking system that tracks your LH hormone levels and supports every stage of your fertility journey - with over 99% accuracy. It makes achieving your fertility goals EASY and helps with hormone balance, overall health awareness, and even develops a healthy fertility strategy based on your real LH levels.

topknot logo

Top Knot is designed by women for women! Our patented magnetic back closure gives women the option to wear their hair high on their head while in a baseball cap. With Top Knot, there are no compromises to style, comfort, or convenience. Whether you wear your hair up or down, you will look and feel incredible in a Top Knot!

Loti Wellness Logo

Loti Wellness is Canada's #1 Therapist-Curated-Self-Care Subscription Box! Each month, our boxes deliver $100+ worth of self-care products and therapeutic activities to help you destress, unwind, and nurture your mental and physical wellbeing from home! Our products are sourced from small Canadian businesses and range from skincare, bath & body, aromatherapy, healthy snacks and teas, journals, and more!

My Athlete Box Logo

My Athlete Box is a female fitness subscription brand dedicated to motivating women through healthy and fun fitness boxes and digital services. We offer three types of fitness boxes curated around your goals and one-on-one virtual workouts and digital recipes! Our monthly subscription plans offer healthy fuel, apparel, gear, and more!

*Discount only applied to your first box. Cannot be combined with any other offers.
healthy birth plan logo

The incredibly easy online, prenatal program that helps expectant moms achieve an unmedicated hospital birth. This course was created and is taught by a birth/pospartum nurse, doula and Lamaze childbirth educator just for women who want tools and tricks to achieve a natural birth in the safety of a hospital. Us our discount code below to get 30% off your dream birth!

Belly Birth Plan Logo

A comprehensive online prenatal class that is specifically for people having a planned cesarean. Don't waste your time in a prenatal program that doesn't do a deep-dive on all the things you need to know! We'll easy your anxiety about what to expect, help you plan for a dream birth and an empowered postpartum. Use the discount code below and get 30% off the course

Tearing, episiotomy and stitches doesn't have to be a part of your birth plan. This mini-course will teach you how to use positioning to manage your labour, what to expect during the three phases of pushing and six evidence-based ways to reduce your chances of tearing or needing stitches 'down there'. This course was created by a birth/postpartum nurse, doula and Lamaze childbirth educator to help empower you for a birth that gives you an easier post partum recovery

Motherhood doesn't come with a handbook so we've created an online space for you to chat with other moms, share your highs and lows, get advice and connect with professionals in your community who can help you share the Mother Load. Our completely anonymous app is available for free download so you can connect with moms close to you. Motherhood can be lonely - let's do the hardest job on the planet together!

smartass and sass logo

A Monthly Subscription for Mouthy Mofos. With a mix of chosen vendors and Smartass & Sass' own curated products, providing a snarky box to all the badasses out there was on it's way. Out of the love for funny shit, cuss words, and treating oneself.

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