The Postnatal Series

Rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor with this 3-part Postnatal Pilates series.

Start as early as 2 weeks postpartum by watching and practicing the Prerequisite videos: The Core Breath and How to Check for Diastasis Recti. We recommend you check your Diastasis Recti only once per week to monitor progress. The Core Breath can be practiced daily as early as 2 weeks (even if you had a c-section) as long as it does not cause pain.

At 6 weeks postpartum and after you have been given the OK by your doctor or pelvic floor physiotherapist to begin exercising again, you can begin level 1, and then slowly work your way up to level 2 and level 3.

This is an excellent series to safely ease your body back into regular exercise.

Make sure to also check out The Pelvic Floor Educational Workshop Series by pelvic floor physiotherapist, Leah Stacjer which goes over pelvic floor education and exercises for postnatal women.


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