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Join us today for FREE!

Join us today for FREE!

Your membership gets you unlimited access to over 300 on-demand classes including Pialtes, Yoga, Barre, Meditation and Dance. New classes added weekly. Classes are all levels and designed for real people with diverse bodies, backgrounds and abilities in mind.


It’s a fantastic community of supportive, like minded people that show up for each other...For anyone on the fence, go for it! Sign up for Pilates on Demand! You have absolutely nothing to lose and you definitely won’t regret it!

- Jen Zolnierczyk

Pilates on Demand is the only thing that keeps me consistent to moving my body. After getting serious with the mobility classes offered through POD I've noticed considerable improvements...

- Kat Tepylo Murphy

Pilates on Demand has completely changed my outlook on exercise. I had a preconceived notion about what Pilates was and knew I couldn't afford traditional studio courses on my tight budget. Pilates on Demand is a sustainable, economical, fun way to exercise at home.

- Marina Bianca

I love that with Pilates on Demand I can bring Pilates and fitness programs with me wherever I go in the world. When traveling it’s so great to be able to continue my regular workout routine with Pilates on Demand.

- Rachael Grad