Jessica Dalliday

Jessica Dalliday was the original Founder and creator of Pilates on Demand – an online exercise class platform designed for real bodies. She wanted to conveniently bring Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Meditation and Rehab expertise to the comfort of your home, without the judgment and guilt associated with typical fitness culture. As a busy working mom, she knew how hard it can be to fit exercise into your busy day. Thanks to her hard work, dedication and guidance, Pilates on Demand allows for convenient and safe exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime and at any skill level. She strongly believed in body acceptance and her number one goal with Pilates on Demand is to help you feel stronger and more confident in the body you have right now.

Jess held a Masters degree in Kinesiology, an Athletic Therapy Certification, was a certified Pilates Instructor and certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist, so you can feel confident that the exercise chosen for you is appropriate for your fitness level. Jess tragically passed away in April 2021 and her inspiration and passion continue to live on through the community she built and the values she tirelessly promoted