Person standing with one leg on window sill

Marianne Ducharme

Marianne grew up believing that she had body imperfections. Years of covering herself up led to heightened insecurities.  

Early in her adult life, she started exercising. However, she never really focused on form, alignment and the benefit of stretching. This led to injuries, specifically to her back. 

Things began to change when she found Barre & Pilates.

She started taking Barre classes and loved not only the mind-body connection, but the focus on form. She learned that when taking Barre classes, you have to be in the moment with yourself and offer no judgement. She loved how Pilates is used not only to rehab your body, but to train it to move correctly in your daily routine. The changes she was making, both mentally and physically, were profound.  

Marianne wanted to help others feel that same way.

She is certified in Barre and has trained in five different formats. Training in Mat Pilates was her natural progression. She trained through Balanced Body in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Mat. 

Many of her students over the years have shared how the healing effects of both formats have helped them greatly. This is all an Instructor needs to hear!

She has taught at the Corporate Level in California’s Silicon Valley, as well as for private Clubs. She taught on the beach in Jamaica as a Traveling Fitness Professional. One of her most memorable experiences as an Instructor was teaching Barre at a Pole Dance Studio. Those ladies rocked 7” stilettos while taking a Barre Class.

Marianne firmly believes, “confidence is your most attractive feature”! 

She believes in empowering those around her. She believes there are no imperfections in oneself, just things that set you apart. She believes in finding what you’re good at and becoming great. 

Her teaching philosophy has always been to provide a safe and effective class while having some fun.

She looks forward to seeing you at the Barre or on the Mat!