The Cycle-Syncing Challenge

This 30 day challenge is designed to support your body and mind during your monthly cycle.  When we work with our bodies, we can take advantage of when we feel the most energetic by doing higher-intensity classes, and then doing more restorative classes to support us when our energy is low.

The classes have been organized in a specific way to allow you to thrive during each phase of your menstrual cycle.

Image by Dave Asprey

Here’s the breakdown of how the classes have been organized to match your cycle:

Days 1-7 (Menstrual Phase): Lighter, gentle and less intense Pilates, Yoga and Meditation classes (Beginner)

Days 8-13 (Follicular Phase): More intense, challenging Pilates, Barre and Yoga classes (Intermediate/Advanced)

Days 14-21 (Ovulatory Phase): High intensity Pilates, Barre and Yoga classes (Intermediate/Advanced)

Days 22-28/30 (Luteal Phase): Restorative, stretching and gentle Pilates, Yoga and Meditation classes (Beginner)

This Challenge is an excellent place to start if you are trying to practice listening to your body more, trying to encourage a regular cycle, or are just curious as to how exercise can compliment your cycle.

*If you have a shorter cycle than 28 days, then there’s no need to complete the challenge all the way to day 30 (but there is also no harm as the luteal phase classes are gentle and supportive enough during your menstrual phase).

**If your cycle is longer than 28 or 30 days, please feel free to re-do classes within the luteal phase until you enter the menstrual phase.

If you’d like to learn more about cycle syncing, please make sure to check out our blog post here:

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