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The late Jessica Dalliday, MA, Certified Pilates Instructor, STOTT (She/Her)

Jessica Dalliday created Pilates on Demand, an online Pilates class platform designed for real bodies.

She created Pilates on Demand to conveniently bring Pilates, meditation and rehab expertise to the comfort of your home. As a busy working mom, she knew how hard it can be to fit exercise into your busy day. Pilates on Demand allows for convenient and safe exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime and at any skill level.

With a masters degree in Kinesiology and as an Athletic Therapist, certified Pilates Instructor and certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist, you can feel confident that the exercise chosen for you is appropriate for your fitness level.

Jess strongly believed in body acceptance and her number one goal with Pilates on Demand is to help you feel stronger and more confident in your own skin.

April Corner, Marketing and Communications (She/Her)

April is a passionate and creative individual who loves helping others. After studying Fashion in College and seeing the body negativity within that industry, April shifted her focus and began her body positive journey. She has a background in customer service, client coordination and communications.

You will often find April bringing up dogs into her conversations. To say she loves them is an understatement. In her spare time you will find her hanging out with her Catahoula Leopard Dog named Nixon (@nixonthecatahoula). 

She is born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario and loves supporting her hometown.

emily norris pilates on demand

Emily Norris, BHPE, Certified Pilates Instructor, STOTT (She/Her)

Emily has always had a strong passion for health and fitness and started out her education by receiving an Advanced Diploma in Fitness Management at Cambrian College in Sudbury. During this program she became a Certified Personal Trainer through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and then went on to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education at Laurentian University. 

After working as a personal trainer for several years, she has discovered a passion for working with, and programming exercises for those with physical disabilities and now works in the rehabilitation setting at Active Living Physiotherapy in Peterborough. 

Emily recently became a certified Pilates instructor through STOTT Pilates to not only build upon her knowledge of exercise physiology, but to offer more variety to her background. She also is a Certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist, catering to her role as a rehab trainer by accommodating those with pelvic floor issues after pregnancy. 

Emily teaches part time at The Willow Studio in Peterborough, offering all levels of Pilates classes as well as fitness classes for postpartum women. 

To connect with Emily or to simply follow along, email her at [email protected] or connect via Instagram @emilytenwest 

diane niec pilates on demand

Diane Niec, Certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor (She/Her)

Since Diane was very young she has had a passion for movement, music and helping others.  She followed these callings to the University of Windsor where she graduated with degrees in Musical Theatre and Education.  There she was first introduced to the Pilates method and has been practicing it ever since.  She completed her Pilates training with Stott Pilates in 1996 and has been coaching in this method for over two decades. 

To further develop her understanding of the body and to offer her more tools in helping people achieve their fitness goals Diane began studying Thai Massage and Yoga.  She successfully completed her Thai Massage Training with Thai Massage Toronto in 2005 and her 200 hour Yoga Training with Diane Bruni at 80 Gladstone in 2015. 

In her efforts to evolve personally and professionally Diane accomplished a Personal Productivity course with LMI in 2016.  This leadership course was extremely beneficial in helping Diane gain a better understanding of her strengths and how to guide and coach others. 

Over the years Diane was blessed to have had the opportunity to perform, tour and facilitate workshops with Toronto based theatre company Theatre Gargantua.  Diane gained experience teaching primary grades at Gradale Academy where she developed music, yoga and mindfulness programs for her students.

Diane has many interests and talents but considers herself to be a student first, always on the path to new discoveries.    

You can learn more about Diane and check out some of her other classes on YouTube at Today’s Pilates With Diane

Juliana Valente

Rachel Canale, Certified Pilates + Yoga Instructor (She/Her)

Rachel has been teaching movement and mindfulness full-time for over 11 years. Her passion is helping others discover their individual path to wellness and wellbeing, wherever their starting point.

Her own journey began while recovering from ACL surgery. Years of muscling though injuries and ignoring the root causes couldn’t help her heal: it was only the combination of Pilates, yoga and meditation that taught her to listen to her body and kindly nurture it back to health.

Rachel is fully certified in Stott Pilates, and has over 500 hours of yoga & meditation certification. Her specialties include post-rehabilitation, pre and post natal, chronic conditions, and healthy aging.

Her class style is mindful, alignment-based and breath-centered. Rachel believes everyone has a right to move and is so happy to be part of the Pilates on Demand community.

You can learn more about Rachel @

Juliana Valente

Calista Fong, Certified Pilates Instructor (She/Her)

Calista is a certified Pilates instructor and also a Pilates enthusiast. She believes Pilates is not just a core workout like something people have been doing in gyms; Pilates focuses on the correct body alignment and dynamic stability to prevent injury, making it unique and widely recognized among Physiotherapists. Calista enjoys teaching therapeutic workouts for particular individuals, and she likes bringing in different levels of modifications to pump the clients.

Calista loves to share the beauty of Pilates movements with all Pilates believers. She looks forward to seeing you in class soon.


jessie Au pilates on demand

Jessie Au, Certified Barre Instructor (She/Her)

Jessie began her dance training at the age of three studying ballet at Jean M. Wong School of Ballet in Hong Kong. Upon moving to BC, she expanded her dance training to include tap, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre and hip hop.
A graduate of the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Food Nutrition and Health, Jessie now works in arts programming and administration and teaches dance and fitness classes throughout Greater Vancouver.
Jessie has her Fitness Instructor Specialist certification from Canfitpro, TRX Suspension Training certification, is trained in barre fitness and is the Head Coach for the Special Olympics British Columbia Coquitlam Rhythmic Gymnastics program.
Jessie is passionate about dance and movement. She truly believes that movement is for everyBODY and strives to create a class environment that is always inclusive, fun and light. 
Learn more about Jessie by following her on Intagram @Jessie_au

Carly Eagles, Certified Yoga Instructor (She/Her)

Carly Eagles is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and the owner of Sweet Simple Nutrition. 
Carly began practicing yoga in 2011 and became quickly addicted to its ability to slow things down and connect to the present moment. 
Carly’s yoga style is thoughtful, encouraging and lighthearted, focusing on students abilities and gently building confidence and strength in movement.
When she’s not teaching yoga, you can find Carly experimenting in the kitchen, visiting with friends and family, and spending time outdoors. 

Learn more about Carly by following her on Intagram @sweetsimplenutrition.

Emily Day, Certified Yoga Instructor (She/Her)

Emily is a passionate well rounded and experienced instructor with a deep rooted love of all that Yoga encompasses. Taking her Initial training in 2014 through Modo Yoga international in Montreal and since adding modalities from prenatal and postnatal yoga to SUP yoga and restorative with certifications around trauma informed practices and mental health support. Day created a yoga program that currently partners with and runs in the Toronto District School Board.

Emily’s Mind, Body, Soul program is currently running in multiple high schools and alternative schools across the GTA. Emily is a educational partner and vendor for TDSB using her knowledge passion and abilities to support students and staff. Emily is always looking for ways to support her clients and community from running empowerment camps in the summer for young girls to hosting retreats and workshops. Emily is also a practicing level Two Reiki teacher who use her ability to help those around her feel Connected and Empowered.

Day’s favourite style of yoga to practice to is hot yoga and Emily loves guide beginners and share her strong foundation with those around her.

You can find out more about Emily by following her on Instagram

ro nwosu Pilates on Demand

Syd Terry, Certified Yoga Instructor (They/Them)

Syd felt a soul connection to the practice of yoga ever since taking a flow class in their early 20s. Yoga-inspired them to break from social expectations and confinements, and instead move their body freely and intuitively. Syd fell in love with the practice and took on teacher training in 2016 to support folks struggling with body image and eating disorder recovery on a path of healing and acceptance.

Syd has since completed their RYT500 and E-RYT200 with Ashram Yoga, New Zealand, and has embraced continued education, studying under numerous brilliant teachers from varying philosophies.

Over the years, Syd’s personal practice has transformed into a radical act of self-love and full mind, body, and soul liberation. Their current practice focuses on cultivating inner peace as a means to achieve greater oneness with self and community and create the building blocks for a more beautiful and just society.

Syd’s teaching style incorporates joy, body positivity, inner stillness, and radical acceptance for any and all humans. In their classes, you will be called to honour the roots of yoga, while simultaneously embracing creativity in movement and breath in order to engage more intuitively with your body and mind. You can expect a dynamic balance between flowing freely into shapes and softening into stillness to help support you in coping with and integrating the personal, political, and spiritual elements of the world around you. Join Syd for a deep, eccentric, and meaningful yoga practice.

You can find out more about Syd by following them on Instagram @sydpatriciayoga

ro nwosu Pilates on Demand

Nelca Barakova, Certified Pilates Instructor (She/Her)

I’m Nelca (she/her), a self-professed lover of tacos and movement.

I also happen to be a certified Pilates educator, my main focus as an educator is to look beyond the standard fitness views, and more at how movement makes us feel – physically, emotionally and mentally.

Join me for some feel good, love your body movement. My approach will always be to make folks feel safe in this environment, be it virtual or in person. I will encourage how movement makes you feel as opposed to how it makes you look, removing any traditional expectations of “fitness”.

I am committed to being a lifelong student and sharing the knowledge I gain along the way.

Peace, love and salsa!

You can find out more about Nelca by following her on Instagram @nelcabee

Courtney Boville, Director of Partnership Development (She/Her)

Courtney is an Integrated Nutritional Health Coach and Barre convert! After 10 years working in FinTech in the UK and Canada, she realized that she had become that stressed-out millennial, who over-exercises and runs on black coffee. Knowing that was not the lifestyle she wanted to continue, she decided to become more intentional in every aspect of her life. Hello, Pilates On Demand.

Courtney’s goal is to help women realize their bodies ’ potential and have the knowledge to make decisions that support their long-term health.

When she isn’t looking for body-positive partners, she can be found coaching clients, hanging out with horses, or on a beach somewhere!


Telsi Szanyi, Certified Pilates Instructor, Body Harmonics (She/Her)

Telsi has worked as a personal trainer since 2015. Her mission is to teach people the medicine of movement as well as bring a little playfulness and joy into the lives of those she works with. She has a background in holistic medicine, psychology, gymnastics, dance, and functional fitness. Pilates has been an incredible supplement to her own personal fitness journey and she is thrilled to share the magic with you!

Learn more about Telsi by following her on Intagram @telsi.flows

Becky Sheehey, BSc. Kin, R.Kin, Certified Pilates Instructor (Body Harmonics) and Holistic Health Coach (She/Her)

Becky Sheehey is a Registered Kinesiologist, Pilates Teacher, and Holistic Health Coach specializing in functional movement and corrective exercise.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from University of Guelph Humber, Becky worked as a kinesiologist in a physiotherapy setting for 5 years and continues to work in a therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation setting. 

As a “recovered runner”, Becky learned the importance of pilates and core training from dealing with many running injuries and chronic pain. She lends her own personal experience with injuries and pain to the work she does with clients and in classes.

With a passion for movement, and the mission to help women to live happy, healthy, and pain-free, Becky brings a class packed with information, safe & effective movement, and fun. 

You find more about Becky on Instagram @sweathappywellness and on Facebook @sweathappywellness

Juliana Valente

Juliana Valente, Certified Pilates Instructor (She/Her)

Juliana was a classical ballet dancer for 13 years, so body movement is something that has always fascinated her. Her passion for Pilates started over 12 years ago in Brazil where she is originally from. After experiencing a lumbar disc herniation she started practicing Pilates and hasn’t stopped!

A few years later, she decided to become an expert in the method, wanting to help and inspire people to also live a healthy, pain-free and balanced life. Juliana has achieved her certification for Mat and Reformer at STOTT Pilates international Training Centre in Toronto.

She is a very motivating, inclusive and passionate instructor who creates a fun and energizing learning environment while ensuring her clients feel strong and confident in their own bodies!

You can learn more about Juliana on Instagram @juvalente_pilates

Juliana Valente

Michelle Jermy, Certified Pilates Instructor (She/Her)

Much of my 20 years of experience in health and wellness, has been involved in the physical side of wellness including delivering specialist Pilates classes, exercise referral and movement medicine.

I fell in love with mind therapy during my Masters degree in Exercise Medicine, with a particular interest in neuro- linguistic programming, energy work and guided visualisation. This passion led me on my path as a Clinical Sexologist with a special interest in Menopause, trauma from childbirth, surgery &/or disability. 

I educate using renowned health and wellness tools which serve to eradicate the limiting beliefs, trauma, anxiety and sabotaging patterns that are deep rooted in the subconscious mind. I support your journey towards empowerment through self-acceptance, exploration of intimacy, love and sexual satisfaction.

You can learn more about Michelle @plussizemeandmypilatesmat

Leslie Piekarski, Certified Barre Instructor (She/Her)

Inspired by movement and music, Leslie is a trained dancer having performed, competed, and choreographed across Ontario for 20 years. Leslie has a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Masters of Health Sciences, and practices as a full time paediatric Speech-Language Pathologist.
Missing her dance days, a Barre certification with Barreworks (Toronto) was the natural next step to continue to teach and reach a new audience through fitness! Ever since, Leslie has been enthusiastically leading effective and engaging barre classes all over Peterborough! Barre serves as the perfect way to “get out of your head, and into your body”! No dance experience required!!
Learn more about Leslie by following her on Intagram @ellepye

Nicole Lemke, BScN., Certified Meditation Teacher (She/Her)

Nicole Lemke is a content creator and business-owner from Peterborough, Ontario. Her and her husband Jeremy live in a tiny home with their sons Anderson and Hennessy.

Nicole is a Registered Nurse, reiki practitioner, and certified meditation teacher. She is a body acceptance advocate and acts as a voice in the infertility and pregnancy loss community.  Nicole loves to experiment with new recipes and is a hobby photographer.

You can follow her journey on Instagram @_nicolelemke where she shares about her body acceptance, mental health, intimacy, and fertility. 

Rachel Allison, Certified Yoga Instructor (She/Her)

Rachel is a 200 hour Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and oil enthusiast who believes yoga is a form of self-love. Allow her to guide you through a gentle flow, restorative class or meditation so you can unwind from the busy world we live in. Rachel enjoys teaching at these classes to remind you to slow down as well as ensure the correct alignment for your body. As Rachel is also a registered psychotherapist her classes often include techniques to you can apply on and off the mat to support your mental and emotional health.

When Rachel’s not teaching yoga she’s spending time in nature with her 3 dogs or working on something self-development related.

Treat yourself with some much needed me time by attending one of Rachel’s classes today. You can follow Rachel on Instagram or Facebook @healingwithrachel.

ro nwosu Pilates on Demand

Ro Nwosu, Certified Yoga Instructor (She/Her)

Ro Nwosu brings together a unique combination of high energy athleticism and focused mindfulness to offer you a well rounded, balanced and healthy lifestyle, no matter your body type, fitness level or mobility. 

Dynamic and experienced as a registered Yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, and fitness instructor she is familiar with the challenges that come with injuries and is a firm believer, that even with limited mobility or experience, everyone can live actively.

You can find out more about Ro by following her on Instagram @wildroga

ro nwosu Pilates on Demand

Jennifer Bonner, Certified Pilates Instructor (She/Her)

Jennifer is a certified Pilates Instructor, actor, author, and television host. She has been seen in theatrical productions such as Boeing, Boeing (Gabriella), A Little Night Music (Desiree), Noises Off (Belinda), and Bad Dog (Abby), a world premiere by the writer of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie. She hosts the Saturday morning WeTV show The Lifestyle List and works as a Fashion Contributor and Guest Host on the Home Shopping Network. She has made numerous independent films and she was even able to land a supporting role in a film with one of her idols, Kevin Smith (Kilroy Was Here in post-production) and as a lead (and the bad guy) in the premiere film from Mimo Studios The Kid Who Only Hit Homers. She is also the Producing Artistic Director for an immersive theatre ensemble, Fanvergence Creative Group.
A proponent of well-being, health, and kindness, she is the author of Freedom of Happiness, an 8 week guided journal to make happiness your habit.
Pilates called her as a way to help herself and others live their best lives. Living in a world of stress and toxicity, she wanted to make a difference. So she began to better herself through wellness, exercise and is honored to continue to do so as an instructor here at Pilates on Demand.

You can find out more about Jennifer by following her on Instagram @itsjenbonner

ro nwosu Pilates on Demand

Kristy Pisani, Certified Yoga Instructor (She/Her)

My name is Kristy & I move my body for pleasure & celebration! My goal in life is to help YOU do the same. As soon as I stopped moving solely to change my body was when I truly fell in love with movement & started my body appreciation/acceptance journey.

I help people take a more enjoyable & intuitive approach to movement/exercise outside of diet culture using education, tools/tips, & online yoga inspired movement.

I’ve been teaching Movement & advocating for body acceptance & healthy body image for over a decade.

Going from obsessive exercise to moving for joy has changed my life is so many positive ways that I cannot wait to continue to move & share my experience & expertise with you!

You can find out more about Kristy by following her on Instagram @kristy_pisani