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ABC Barre #1

With Leslie Piekarski

Duration: 37:15

Style: barre, 1_trimester, post_natal

Difficulty: beginner, intermediate

Date: Aug. 23 2021

Join Leslie in this ABC Barre class to get a full body workout! What’s ABC Barre? A class that carefully weaves together all the basics of barre: Alignment, Build (strength), and Cardio!

This ABC Barre class has a bit of everything! Starts with a warm-up, then get into working the legs and arms with some cardio bursts and finish with some core work on the floor. You’ll work your arms, legs, core and coordination while getting your heart rate up.

Use a barre/chair/railing/wall as a support surface to help you keep your balance and your posture. You can use light weights/toning balls for added resistance to up the ante, or increase the weight as you repeat this workout at a later date.

You’ll feel your whole body on fire in this ABC Barre class! Give it a shot and leave a comment on how this class went for you 🙂


  • Chair


  • Tone
  • Strength
  • Posture
  • Cardio