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Affirmation Meditation

With Rachel Allison

Duration: 16:37

Style: meditation, pre_natal

Difficulty: beginner

Date: Mar. 29 2021

This meditation begins with simple breathwork and then moves to a thought diffusion exercise. Thought diffusion exercises can be helpful for us to let go of thoughts that are no longer benefiting or adding value to our lives. After this, we move to a chant and repeat style of meditation.  Some examples of the affirmations used during this meditation include…” My body serves me in all the ways I need it to”, ”When I care for myself good things come my way” and “Fear does not serve me, I live life courageously”. 

Affirmations are a great way to replace negative, self-sabotaging thoughts. This 15-minute Affirmation Meditation has over 30 positive affirmations for you to hear and repeat back out loud or in your own mind. No props are required for this meditation however it’s encouraged to create a safe and comfortable space for yourself before meditation practice. 

Rachel loves to use affirmations in her everyday life both personally and professionally. Rachel jokes that she loves a good sticky note to place positive and grounding affirmations in her office space.  

To begin a meditation experience, try to have a quiet place with no distractions. Some people may find it helpful to dim their lights, burn a candle or diffuse essential oils.  Please remember not to listen to meditation while you are driving.   

Bonus: grab your journal and pause the video after each affirmation. Reflect on your experience. Which affirmation stands out to you? How do you feel?  You can also use the affirmations as journal prompts. For example, the affirmation “I love the supports in my life” could be used as a journal prompt to explore who the supports in your life are.  

*Any level. Although this medication is suited for any level it may be a good meditation to start with as the chant and repeat style leaves little room for the mind to wander.  


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