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Cardio Flow Barre #2

With Leslie Piekarski

Duration: 43:37

Style: barre

Difficulty: intermediate, advanced

Date: May. 24 2021

Do you want a cardio challenge without all the jumping? Do you want to raise your heart rate without using any props? Do you want a workout that feels as fun as dancing but doesn’t require years of ballet training?! Look no further! Cardio Flow Barre #2 to the rescue! That’s right… same format as #1 but all new sequences!

This class involves learning 4 short sequences move by move and slowly building them up and putting them together. Once you’ve worked through it all on one side, even out your body and test your brain as you go through it all on the other side. Put both sides together for a grand finale worthy of a standing ovation! No props and minimal space required. A perfect vigorous workout for when you’re on the go, traveling, or just need to sweat it out!

This workout does involve walking the hand/feet in and out of plank position. This can be replaced by alternating reaches floor to ceiling with an added squat for mid/late stage prenatal participants or for those who do not want to bear weight through the hands/wrists. Modify by reducing the range of motion, take breaks when needed and stop exercising if experiencing pain or significant discomfort. As this class is longer in duration, pace yourself and enjoy the fluid linking of movements.

*This class should be avoided by postnatal populations for the first 12 weeks and can be considered once aerobic exercise has been reintroduced. Always consult your medical practitioner to determine what kind of exercise if appropriate for you. 


  • None


  • Tone
  • Strength
  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio