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Core Stability

With Jessica Dalliday

Duration: 28:45

Style: pilates

Difficulty: intermediate

Date: Nov. 6 2019

Improve your core stability with in this 30 minute intermediate level class.

This class is all about keeping core control while moving in all different directions.

Here is a breakdown of the moves:

  • Roll backs with ball/pillows behind lower back
  • Ab curls with ball/pillows under upper back
  • Glute bridges with ball between knees
  • Core stability with ball under sacrum
  • Frog/reverse curls with ball between ankles
  • Inner thigh leg lifts
  • Side-lying leg lifts
  • Mermaid stretch and strength
  • Upper back and leg lifts with ball
  • Leg pull front variation with ball between knees

This is an excellent class if you are looking to build stability through your entire core and if you’re just looking to have fun!

See class preview below:

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  • Mini stability ball


  • Tone
  • Strength