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Dance- Style Stretch and Conditioning

With Premiere Dance

Duration: 30:14

Style: dance

Difficulty: intermediate, advanced

Date: Feb. 1 2021

Get your body moving and your heart rate up in this dance-style Stretch and Conditioning class with Jess from Premiere Dance on Demand! Jess leads you through a series of stretches commonly used for a dance class warm-up, as well as through some cardio style strength and conditioning excercises.

This class provides a full-body stretch from head to toe! Jess leads the class through a number of stretches and exercises that, when practiced frequently, will improve flexibility and strength over time! It is important to remember that flexibility comes with time, so be sure not to push yourself into a stretch that you are not familiar with or that causes any discomfort or pain.

All stretches and exercises can be modified to suit all abilities, with the class starting with some basic stretching before moving into an upbeat strength series and finishing with some advanced stretches at the end (splits!).


  • None


  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio