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Dumbbell Doozy #1

With Leslie Piekarski

Duration: 28:40

Style: barre

Difficulty: intermediate

Date: Feb. 22 2021

Dust off those dumbbells; this workout is going to be a doozy! You’ll start with simple exercises, and then quickly build them into compound movements to help strengthen your upper and lower body. Repetition will be just the things to help learn these patterns. Just when you’ve got the hang of it, a new compound movement is introduced! Finish it off by putting it all together to test your muscular endurance, strength, and your memory! First time through this workout? Start with the set of lighter weights since you’ll be holding on to them for the whole workout (or as long as you desire). Coming back for more? Try to hold onto the weights for longer than the last time, or try a heavier set of weights!


  • Toning balls
  • Light Weights


  • Tone
  • Strength