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Gentle Yoga for Lower Back Pain

With Rachel Allison

Duration: 22:40

Style: yoga

Difficulty: beginner

Date: Jul. 19 2021

This gentle yoga class is created to help provide you relief for lower back pain. In general yoga can help build strength and improve flexibility which could lessen your severity of discomfort.  Please do not take this yoga class if you are in severe pain, instead it is encouraged you connect with a medical professional. 

In this class will slowly move through a number of different yoga poses each being held for roughly 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Feel free to pause the video at any point if you wish to hold a pose longer. Rachel reminds you that you don’t have to practice any pose in the full expression. Your practice today may look much different from your practice tomorrow and that’s okay, please honour where you are at. Rachel is hopeful this slow-paced yoga flow provides you some comfort from any irritation in your back. 

There are no props required for this class however if you enjoy using props and find practicing with them helpful Rachel does provide suggestions on when to use a block (or blanket) or bolster (or pillow). 

Please remember to honour your body during all classes with Pilates on Demand. It is suggested you consult with a Doctor or another medical professional should you continue to experience back pain.  

Please consult a Doctor or another medical professional before doing movement classes.


  • None


  • Strength
  • Mobility