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Leg Lift Off

With Leslie Piekarski

Duration: 20:00

Style: barre

Difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Date: Apr. 5 2021

Welcome aboard! Your legs are the planes in this workout and they are ready to take flight! Air Traffic Controller/Barre Instructor Leslie helps your legs take off in front, beside and behind your body. The “altitude”/height of your legs throughout this workout is not important. You can strengthen each leg individually at a height that is both comfortable and challenging for your body, all while working on balance and posture. Don’t be fooled, the standing leg will get just as much of a workout as the leg leaving the ground!

No props needed other than a barre/chair (or any stable surface you can lean against). For a different challenge, try adding ankle weights… but beware of turbulence!

*Prenatal Safe*


  • Chair


  • Tone
  • Strength