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Pelvic Floor Educational Workshop

With Leah Stajcer

Duration: 5:32

Style: pre_natal, post_natal, pelvic_floor

Difficulty: beginner

Date: Sep. 26 2018

Leah Stacjer, Registered Physiotherapist who specializes in Pelvic Health introduces the pelvic floor, some common dysfunctions you can experience with a weak or tight pelvic floor and why it’s so important to address it, especially during pregnancy and postpartum.

If you experience things like incontinence (both bladder and bowel) urgency, leaking, or sex pain, you definitely want to check this informational video out.

This is the first video of a 3-part educational workshop series on the pelvic floor, specifically designed for those who are pregnant, are planning to become pregnant or are postpartum.

*Please make sure to read the disclaimer before engaging in any exercise or activity discussed in this videos. It is meant for educational purposes only and not to diagnose or treat specific conditions. Please see a health-care practitioner to be accurately assessed and treated.

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