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Pilates For Ankle Mobility

With Jessica Dalliday

Duration: 20:53

Style: pilates

Difficulty: beginner

Date: Jan. 9 2020

This class works on the mobility and stability of the ankle joint.

The ankle is an overlooked joint by most, but it is so important for the function of most physical activities. By increasing the mobility and stability at the ankle, you can increase your performance in other areas of sport, exercise and activities of daily living (like walking, going up and down stairs and squatting).

Here’s what we cover in this class:

  • Standing balance poses
  • Downward dog stretch
  • Forward folds + ankle mobilizing
  • Hamstring and calf stretching + ankle mobility with a band
  • Side lying leg lifts with different foot positions
  • Prone knee bends
  • Leg extensions on all fours
  • Leg Pull front variations
  • Deep squat ankle mobility
  • Standing balance poses

This is an excellent class to do regularly if you lack range of motion in your ankle or lack ankle stability due to injury or any reason.


  • Resistance band


  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Balance