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Pilates for Pelvic Pain

With Jessica Dalliday

Duration: 21:01

Style: pre_natal, pelvic_floor, 3_trimester

Difficulty: beginner

Pregnancy can create a lot of change in your body. Your shifting pelvis and the loosening of ligaments can cause you to feel some pretty severe pain in your pelvis and/or pubic bone.

This class will focus on realigning your pelvis using muscle energy techniques followed by stretching the muscles that are chronically tight in pregnancy (like the inner thighs and glutes) and then strengthening to keep your pelvis in place.

Take this class in any trimester of pregnancy or postpartum.

*If you experience any pain with any of the movements, please do not continue with the exercise.


  • Yoga block or cushion
  • Pilates Magic Circle, yoga strap or towel tied into a circle